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Apple Harvesters

We have a wide range of SFM apple harvesters. The ‘Fruitflo’ style lift elevator has proved to be a very popular improvement on the Sabre tractor mounted harvester. With increased harvesting capacity and gentle fruit handling, the Sabre is the ideal harvester for the larger grower.

Whilst we are nearly fully booked for manufacture of new harvesters we have two second hand Sabres available. If you are thinking of buying new front paddles, blowers, shakers etc. it is essential you order well in advance of the season to avoid disappointment.

Please call us on 01531 632171 for more information to buy a new machine or to enquire about our second hand machines.

A fruitful harvest

We are very pleased to see that many of our cider growers have benefited from a fruitful 2014 .  New and used sprayers and harvesting equipment have been selling fast, but we always have machines available with some quality harvesters, mowers and sprayers coming into stock.

Pruning season is in full swing and Rich advises that you make sure you have the best pruning equipment for this season to make sure high yields follow.

To get you started we have a fantastic offer on our Arvipo electric pruning range!

Fruitful Harvest

NOW ONLY £1200 +VAT!

This time of year is perfect for maintenance of old machinery and equipment, as well as for purchasing new parts and models.  John continues to be the ‘go to’ man for all things spares related and as always provides endless product knowledge and almost any part you can think of.

For machinery sales and repairs please call Richard on 07773357899 or email rich@agrimec-ledbury.co.uk

For spares call John on 01531  632171

Make next year another success with our range of fantastic machinery, including; Mowers, Sprayers, Harvesters and Pumps.

Our New Agrimec Shop Open Day

Welcome to the Agrimec Shop

Welcome to the Agrimec Shop

DSCN0780We held our open day at the beginning of the month and were so pleased with the turnout and enthusiasm from our customers and suppliers.  Thank you to everyone who came and supported us in our new venture.

Our shop will be open daily and stocks a wide variety of products and supplies needed by farmers and small holders alike.    We also have a selection of products that would be suitable for gardeners and presents for small people!

If you need tractor parts please get in touch with us and we will source these for you.

And lastly don’t forget that we offer 5% YFC member discount in the NEW shop!