Triple Flail Mower – KX-860


The Perfect triple flail mower – KX-860 is a heavy-duty combination of 3 flail toppers for cost-effective working of large surfaces. For example set-aside land, fallow land, processing of green manure, corn and sunflower stalks etc.

Independent ground contour adaptation
The three heavy-duty mowing heads of this special triple flail mower combination are mounted on a special frame which allows them to follow the ground contours independently. Hydro-pneumatic accumulators and large diameter rear rollers enable a very smooth run. Furthermore the rear roller bearings are protected by unique bearing covers.

Unique drive train
For maximum security the two side mowers are driven through 5-fold ‘power belts’, which are automatically kept at the right tension. This makes the use of an expensive and vulnerable central gearbox unnecessary.

Special “Perfect” flails
For use under the toughest conditions, the KX-860 triple flail mowers are provided with 2,2 kg (5 lbs) universal flails. These flails are especially suited for rough conditions such as maintenance of set aside land, chopping corn stalks etc. They are are fitted to the electronically balanced vibration-free flail rotor with heavy bolts and replaceable steel bushings and provide a clean and net cut.

Optional 0,8 kg (13/4 lbs) grass flails are available at no extra cost. These flails give a really nice straight cut in lighter circumstances.

Universal mounting
For use with different tractors the centre mower can be mounted in the front lift or in the special frame between the two side mowers.

Upon request the KX-860 triple flail mower combination is available as a trailed version with air brakes (additional cost).

Standard version
• Tractor 3-pt. linkage cat. III + IV
• PTO speed 1000 rpm
• Walterscheid PTO shaft
• Special frame which allows the mowing heads to follow the ground contours independently
• 2 side flail mowers 320 cm (10’6″) with a hydro-pneumatic system to minimize ground pressure
• Universal centre mower, working width 270 cm (8’10”) for use in front 3-pt. linkage or at the frame between the two side mowers
• Drive of the two side mowers through 5-fold power belts with automatic spring loaded tensioners
• Twofold electronically balanced vibration-free flail rotor ø 273 mm (10¾”) (centre mower ø 219 mm (8″))
• 2,2 kg (5 lbs) special flails, mounted to flail rotor with heavy 20 mm bolts and replaceable steel bushes
• Hydraulic folding for road transport
• Grass discharge over the rear rollers
• Rear rollers ø 219 mm (8″) with special covers over the bearings

• 0,8 kg (1¾ lbs) flails instead of 2,2 kg (5 lbs) flails
• Trailed version, wheels 15.0/55-75, without brakes
• Pneumatic brakes
• Hydraulic brakes