SFM Sabre Mk II

SFM Sabre Mk II – A one-person operated machine capable of harvesting in excess of 100 tonnes per day.



The SFM Sabre Mk II is a tractor-mounted apple harvester which requires bolting on to a demountable subframe attached to the tractor. This gives the harvester added rigidity and stability. It is a one-person operated machine designed to suit the needs of the modern large sized bush orchard. It is capable of harvesting in excess of 100 tonnes per day depending on crop density and ground conditions.

The Sabre Mk II consists of a side-mounted 1000mm wide pick-up system on to which a tree sweep is mounted. The fruit is collected by the pick-up system and cleaned by SFM’s unique cleaning system which allows the debris to be discharged at the rear of the machine. The fruit is then carried up by the lift elevator on to a secondary cleaning conveyor and diverted on to the rear discharge elevator and into the trailer.

A set of front paddles (also available separately) mounted on the front of the tractor are used to clear the fruit from the centre of the row forming 2 rows of fruit. The front paddles are driven by the Sabre Mk II’s own hydraulic system.

The Sabre Mk II harvester is designed to be rigidly mounted onto the tractor using a sub frame (fitting extra). The hydraulic pumps are mounted on the harvester and driven by the tractor’s power take-off shaft. The machine incorporates a hydraulic trailer hitch which is clearly visible from the operator’s seat.

The controls are mounted on the machine directly behind the tractor or alternatively, can be mounted inside the cab with cable operators or electric solenoid valves (optional). To maintain the machine’s efficiency the temperature of the hydraulic oil is regulated by thermostatically controlled oil cooler.

The configuration of the Sabre MK II provides a number of benefits including:

• Incorporates an integral apple cleaning system with rear discharge facility for the debris
• Features SFM’s paddle collection system for windrowing and pick-up efficiency
• Integral trailer hitch
• Unique SFM pick-up head design minimises fruit damage