Perfect Rotary Toppers – Series LB


Perfect Rotary Toppers used for clear grass, thistles, nettles, bracken etc. quickly, efficiently and safely. For example for topping of pastures, parks, green areas etc.

They are robustly built and have long, profiled skids to follow the ground contours easily and allow for fast working speeds up to 10 km/h = 61/2 mph.

Generously overlapping swing away blades
2, 3 or 4 generously overlapping, replaceable and reversible swing-away blades, which are less vulnerable for obstacles come as standard on all LB rotary pasture toppers.

Reliable drive
All cutting blades are driven indirectly by means of V-belts, mostly with automatic spring-loaded belt tensions. This flexible drive system protects the gearbox from shock loads.

Unique quick connect couplings
Models LB-245V and LB-275V have very large offset possibilities to cut clear of the left hand tractor wheel.
This unique quick connect coupling system (not on the LB-185 and LB-360 pasture toppers) enables quick, safe and easy connecting and disconnecting as well as side-shifting.

Standard version
• Tractor 3-pt. linkage cat. I + II (LB-185 and LB-360)
• Tractor 3-pt. linkage cat. II (LB-24V and LB-275V) (cat. I option)
• PTO speed 540 UpM
• Walterscheid PTO shaft
• Indirect and flexible V-belt drive (most belts with automatic spring loaded tensioner)
• 2, 3 or 4 generously overlapping, replaceable and reversible swing-away blades
• Terrain adjustment and cutting height setup by means of 2 skids
• Offset possibility
• Quick connect coupling system with extra-large offset possibility (only LB-245V and LB-275V)

• LB-185 Cutting width 185 cm (6’1″) Min. 25 HP
• LB-245V Cutting width 245 cm (8’1″) Min. 35 HP
• LB-275V Cutting width 275 cm (9’0″) Min. 40 HP
• LB-360 Cutting width 360 cm (11’10”) Min. 45 HP

• PTO shaft with overrunning clutch
• Support saucer
• Rear roller
• Parallelogram-type offset feature: manual or hydraulic
• Front mounted models
• Front and rear mounted models
• 4 rubber wheels 4.00 x 4