Perfect Front mounted Solo-Swing – Series SZF and SZL


The Perfect Front mounted Solo-Swing is a swinging arm, driven by a hydraulic motor. It’s simple but robust construction allows to automatically mow around trees, fences, posts, solar panels etc.

Easy setup
For optimal performance under different conditions the cutting height, as well as the working angle, float and swing-return pressure are easily adjustable.

All Solo-Swing models have swing-away blades, which are less vulnerable for obstacles, as standard.
The SZL and SZF models are equipped with a swinging arm with a diameter of 60 cm.

Tractor front mount
These Solo Swing arms come with a mounting plate for the front of the tractor. A front linkage is not necessary. By means of the parallellogram system the offset is adjusted. Two wheels and a bearing support plate provide good ground adaptation.

The SZL has a large offset possibility of 210 cm (5’5″), which is intended for mounting on a conventional tractor. The SZF, max. offset 165 cm (6’11”), is designed for mounting on a narrow vineyard or orchard tractor.

Mowing around young trees
For young trees, lighter posts, or when operating on inclines all “Perfect” Solo-Swing model can be provided with a hydraulic feeler mechanism.

Standard version

• Swing-away blades, cutting width 60 cm/2’0″
• Tandem wheels
• Support saucer with ball-bearing under the blade
• Mounting plate for tractor front-mount
• Hydraulic parallelogram-type offset
• Model SZF: Maximum 165 cm (5’5″) from centre of tractor
Model SZL: Maximum 210 cm (6’11”) from centre of tractor
• 5 hoses till the mounting plate
• Tractor hydraulics required: 2 x DA + 1 x free flow return (½”)
• Oil flow requirements: 30 l/min

• SZF-600 Cutting width 60 cm (2’0″)
Max. offset 165 cm (5’5″)
• SZL-600 Cutting width 60 cm (2’0″)
Max. offset 210 cm (6’11”)

• Mounting plate for connecting to the hydraulic front lift, cat. I + II
• Mechanic-hydraulic feeler