Flail Pruning Chopper with Variable Cutting Width – NX-460


Perfect variable width flail pruning chopper NX-460 consists of a reinforced trailed frame section which holds two flail choppers with a working width of 240 cm (7’11”) each.

By means of hydraulic cylinders the overlap between the two flail choppers can be varied, resulting in an easy and exact adjustment of the cutting width, for example in orchards with different row spacing. The total working width is adjustable from 290 cm (9’7″) to 460 cm (15’1″).

For transport the total width is limited to 300 cm (9’10”)

Excellent ground contour adaptation

To achieve an excellent ground contour adaptation the flail choppers are attached to the frame by means of a flexible construction.

A full width rear roller with conical ends and skids at both sides provides excellent stability and easy handling of both units. To protect the bearings of the rear rollers, they bearings are fitted with unique covers to prevent humidity, dust and mud from entering.

Special “Perfect” flails

The 2,2 kg (5 lbs) heavy-duty “Perfect” flails are especially designed for pulverizing prunings. They are fitted to the electronically balanced vibration-free flail rotor with heavy bolts and replaceable steel bushings and provide an excellent pulverization. No further work is necessary to collect or remove the cut material.

Optional flails of 0,8 kg (13/4 lbs) are available for grass cutting and light chopping work (vineyard prunings, leaves etc.).

Standard version
• PTO speed 540 opm
• 2 Walterscheid PTO shafts, 1 with large angle
• Trailed special frame for attachment to the tractor 3-point linkage with two wheels ø = 515 mm B = 250 mm
• 2 hydraulic cylinders for stepless cutting width adjustment
• Drive of each chopper through 3 V-belts
• 2,2 kg (5 lbs) special flails, mounted to the flail rotor with heavy 20 mm bolts and replaceable bushes
• Grass discharge over the rear roller
• Rear rollers with special covers over the bearings
• Tractor hydraulics required: 2 x DA, 1 x SA

• Model NX-460, Cutting width 290 – 460 cm (9’7 ” – 15’1 “) Min. 105 HP