Extra Low Orchard Rotary Mowers – T-Series


In order to prevent damage to low hanging branches and fruit our Extra Low Orchard Rotary Mowers – T-series orchard rotary mowers have a low, streamlined profile and round sides.

Generously overlapping swing away blades
3 generously overlapping, replaceable and reversible swing-away blades, which are less vulnerable for obstacles come as standard on all model T orchard rotary mowers.

Reliable drive
All cutting blades are driven indirectly by means of V-belts, mostly with automatic spring-loaded belt tensioners. This flexible drive system protects the gearbox from shock loads.

Excellent terrain adjustment
Either one or two front support wheels and rear rollers give the necessary stability and excellent terrain adjustment. To protect the bearings of the rear rollers, the bearings are fitted with unique covers to prevent humidity, dust and mud from entering.

Standard version
• Tractor 3-pt. linkage cat. I + II
• PTO speed 540 rpm
• Walterscheid PTO shaft
• Low, streamlined profile and round sides
• 1 or 2 front support wheels and 1 (Modell T-155) or 2 rear rollers with conical ends and special covers over the bearings
• Indirect and flexible V-belt drive (most belts with automatic spring loaded tensioner)
• Generously overlapping, replaceable and reversible swing-away blades

• T-155 Cutting width 155 cm (5’1″) Min. 22 HP
• T-180 Cutting width 180 cm (5’11”)Min. 25 HP
• T-200 Cutting width 200 cm (6’7″) Min. 30 HP
• T-225 Cutting width 225 cm (7’5″) Min. 35 HP
• T-250 Cutting width 250 cm (8’2″) Min. 40 pk
• T-290 Cutting width 290 cm (9’6″) Min. 45 HP

• Mow-spray-combination feature: with standard gearbox or with disconnectable gearbox
• Front mounted models
• Front and rear mounted models
• 2 Front swivel wheels instead of 1 fix wheel (Standard on T-225, T-250, T-290)