Knapsack Sprayers


cp3hardi KS

Our stores manager John is our resident expert in all things knapsack sprayer related. We sell two main types: Cooper Pegler and Hardi.

Knapsack sprayers are perfect for all kinds of jobs making them a very versatile option for growers, gardeners, farmers and small holders. They can used on small areas of land, on weed prone areas and for precision spraying. Our knapsacks are all easy to use, lightweight and come with a choice of spray nozzles. In addition, we sell accessories and fittings to fit all our knapsacks, and will even help you with maintenance in store.

hardi knapsacks

Our Hardi knapsack range consists of 5 different models:

BP3 2000 (internal compression)
BP15 2000 (internal compression)
5L Pump up
8L Pump up
1.5L Pump up

cp mixed

Similarly, our Cooper Pegler knapsacks consist of:

CP3 2000 (internal compression)
CP15 2000 (internal compression)
8L Pump up

In addition, we also stock Cooper Pegler Classics in 20L and 15L.

For more information please call John in the stores on

01531 632 171.