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Out in the orchards by Sales Manager, Rich

Rich has been visiting the farmers who have started harvesting this year and reports back.

After talking to several growerswith the new apple varieties there seems to be a bumper crop and many farmers under estimating their tonnage, thus creating some difficulty with extra loads to the mills but there will be no waste.

In addition, some of the smaller mills are reporting that pressing is not producing a huge amount of juice, which they are attributing to the growing conditions this year.

Cider apple trees go through some diverse weather conditions that affect the crops year in year out and we have had good weather for September.  It is definitely better than trudging through mud. At present I and many farmers are enjoying the atmospheric early mornings with heavy dew, developing into pleasant summer days. This is definitely better than the harvest three years ago when in November, the Apples were frozen to the ground, and, two years ago, which was one of the wettest harvests. Let’s hope this harvest continues in this vein.

The weather conditions have a domino affect even with us – at the moment customers picking young orchards get through more webs and bars as a lot have stony ground. Our stocks have diminished to the point we have had to reorder stock twice already. We have been a victim of our own competitiveness on harvester webs and parts but are keeping up with demand.

Agrimec supply any webs, no matter what size you need just give us a call and we will quote. These will not be off the shelf webs so please allow time for manufacture when you ask. If you think you will need parts, ring as soon as you can and, if it is not a standard size, please give us the full details and we will give you a delivery date.

Agricultural spare parts store comes to Herefordshire

Agrimec are looking forward to the opening of their new Kramp retail store in Ledbury, which will open in the Autumn.

Offering an extensive range of technical spare parts the shop will stock high quality products and top brands specifically chosen for the agricultural user.

Offering our customers additional convenience they will benefit from having everything needed under one roof.

Whilst machines are being serviced in our workshop customers can browse the shop to pick up new work shoes, specialist gloves, pruning equipment and sprayer parts.

Guy Hickman, Director says “the Kramp store offers our customers an invaluable enhancement of the range of services that we currently offer” he continues “offering all technical spare parts and accessories under one roof means that you don’t have to shop around wasting valuable working time”.

The spare parts service counter will continue in the existing building, where John will continue to offer service and advice.

Excellence in machinery and a new website!

Farmers now have access to an extensive range of products available to research and view on the new website.  It offers quick, easy access to information on all of the products that we currently supply for harvesting, pruning, sprayers, mowers and Suzuki quad bikes.

There will also be used machinery for sale on the website so make sure that you check regularly to see what great deals we have on used and refurbished agricultural machinery.

The website boasts a modern, up-dated look maintaining our corporate colours of green and yellow that are highly distinguishable for the Agrimec brand.

Our refreshed logo keeps with the corporate colours and mimics the original design of the simplified impression of the Hardi sprayer that was first sold as part of the Agrimec product range.   We believe it is a strong logo that symbolises our expertise in this field and that will serve us for many years to come.

The website’s user friendly nature provides users with more efficient access to our products.

New features include videos, news, twitter feed, daily weather updates and the ability to search for products by brand name of product type.

In the future we will provide full e-commerce access for the stores and spare parts on the website.

To get in touch with us to buy or for advice call us on 01531 632171 or email