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Agrimec News

John Lancett

It is with regret that we have to post that John Lancett, our former storeman passed away on Saturday 3rd August. John had been at Agrimec for 19 years. Late in 2017 John was diagnosed with Cancer. He underwent treatment and was back working with us part time in August 2018. However in June this year he had a major setback and had deteriorated rapidly since then. Obviously Agrimec will miss such a loyal member of staff. We are sure many of our customers will have fond memories of John. If you wish to send any messages of condolence to his family, we will be sending any comments put on our facebook page to them at an appropriate time..

New Garden Machinery

We have just launched our range of Garden Machinery:-Lawn Mowers, Strimmers, Hedgecutters and brush cutters. These are suitable for both the domestic and professional market.
Most importantly the IBEA Mowers have Biggs & Stratton/Honda engines. In contrast the hedgecutters and chainsaws have ‘Active’ engines developed for Go Karts. If you require battery operated we also have a selection from Pellenc’s Pellenc Battery Operated Pruners new Alpha range.

Pellenc Battery Operated Pruners

The new Prunion with small battery and belt option, means you can interchange between a small chain saw and secateurs operating off a single battery. Stocks of these will be coming in from the end of October. Contact Guy on 01531 632171 for a demonstration.

What’s new from Pentair/Hypro?

We are pleased to be stocking Pentair/Hypro pumps and with 60 years of experience in manufacturing pumps, spray nozzles and sprayer components, they are of very high quality. They have a new range of pumps and fittings:

berkely irrigation pumps
Berkeley irrigation pumps: Now available in Europe. Distributors active in irrigation markets are invited to express their interest in handling this comprehensive product range.

hypro 9307
Hypro 9307 centrifugal pump now fitted with Forcefield™ seal: Robust, maintenance-free centrifugal pump technology. Flow rates up to 1400 l/min for fast filling and spraying. New Forcefield seal virtually eliminates the risk of accidental over-heating.

hypro duo react
New Hypro Duo React pneumatically actuated twin-valve nozzle body: A simple, compact and inexpensive way to switch nozzles from the cab.

electric drive hypro 2 polypropylene pump
New electric drive Hypro 2” polypropylene transfer pump: 3 phase enclosed fan-cooled motor for protection against weather, dust, and moisture. Capable of up to 650 lpm.

hypro induction unit
Hypro Cleanload high efficiency Induction unit 3376: Integral unit is ideal for small sprayers. High performance eductor can also be fitted to other induction units.

hypro profit
Hypro ProFit universal polypropylene flange fittings and new GTX polymer clamps: Repeatable alignment of sprayer plumbing connections for rapid assembly and a positive, secure seal.

hypro prostop
New Hypro ProStop E: 12v electrically actuated nozzle control valve. Fits to existing nozzle bodies offering individual electrically actuated nozzle control.

shurflo 5000
Shurflo 5000 diaphragm pump: 12V sealed motor and up to with 20 l/min flow. Santoprene diaphragms with Viton valves for chemical resistance.

Apple Harvesters

We have a wide range of SFM apple harvesters. The ‘Fruitflo’ style lift elevator has proved to be a very popular improvement on the Sabre tractor mounted harvester. With increased harvesting capacity and gentle fruit handling, the Sabre is the ideal harvester for the larger grower.

Whilst we are nearly fully booked for manufacture of new harvesters we have two second hand Sabres available. If you are thinking of buying new front paddles, blowers, shakers etc. it is essential you order well in advance of the season to avoid disappointment.

Ask Guy!

We wanted to know what owner Guy has to say about recent changes within Agrimec and Country life in general. Who better to question him than his daughter and newest recruit, Sophie.

This year the Cider industry had great successes in relation to their high apple yields. Other than the Arvipo range, are there any other Agrimec products that you would recommend to help aid another successful year?

We can help in a number of ways. We have a range of SFM apple harvesting equipment available – including shakers and blowers. In addition, the Florida and Hardi range of mist blowers will help to keep disease under control, greatly improving yields, and therefore margins, for the coming season. For pruning we stock products from Pellenc and Silky, as well as Arvipo, which are great for cutting down time and labour costs. For larger jobs I recommend the Rinieri tractor mounted pruners for shaping the trees and keeping growth under control. Finally, Perfect do a fantastic range of flails and rotary mowers, such as the very efficient DR 440, and fruit graders, for crops such as cherries. All of the above machinery and equipment can be bought from us.

Can you explain how my choice of products stocked in the shop means we are now more equipped to cater to the animal farming industry?

Some of the consumables you are stocking like feeding bottles, castration rings, and ear tags will help the local livestock farmers as they will not have to travel so far to purchase these goods at competitive prices. Along with the electric fencing equipment, water fittings and troughs we hope that we can give the livestock farmer a great service.

Lots of people that have been in to the shop have been discussing the change in ‘Grandfather Rights’. Can you explain what these changes are and how Agrimec can provide essential equipment to help people keep spraying safely within the new legislation?

The law is changing later this year so that all sprayer operators will have to have a qualification to operate a sprayer. Prior to this if you were over a certain age you were able to operate a sprayer without this qualification. For anybody having to take this test we can supply all the safety equipment needed i.e. coveralls, facemasks, gloves etc. that is needed. We can also carry out NSTS MOT’s on any type of agricultural, horticultural or amenity sprayer.

How have you catered for the younger farmer?

Agrimec has always supported the Young Farmers via membership and sponsorship. In addition, we now offer current YFC members 5% discount in the shop and are always very happy to help with advice whenever needed. If you are a young farmer come and talk to us.

 Finally, we are all excited about the fact that we are a Suzuki ATV dealership. How do you think that our customers could benefit from having a Quad Bike?

A quad bike is a very versatile machine. It will cut down on time taken on all sorts of jobs from fencing to feeding livestock. It reduces damage to pastures where used instead of a tractor or other larger vehicle and saves on fuel costs.