What our customers say

We are delighted to have worked with many different customers over the years and proud to showcase some of our work here.

Apple Harvesters
Rob Collins, Cider Apple Grower and Contractor Evesbatch, Near Ledbury

SFM-HarvesterI have used SFM Apple harvesters since 2001 and have found them efficient and reliable. As a contractor I need a machine that will pick in all weather and orchard conditions and find that the SFM machine enables me to do this.

The SFM machinery has continued to develop over the years. Crucially with SFM listening to the machine operators and understanding their requirements.

The sample is clean and with the new ‘Fruit Flow’ lift elevator the undamaged fruit will store on the apple pad for a long time without rotting.

Agrimec have always given good service, with both spare parts availability and engineer availability when necessary.
I recommend both SFM machinery and Agrimec.

Hardi sprayers
Daniel James, Cider Apple Grower – Bosbury, Near Ledbury

Danial with his Hardi Mercury

Daniel with his Hardi Mercury

I have a Hardi Mercury mist blower which I use on my Cider apples. If I had to change the machine tomorrow I would buy another Hardi so I suppose that tells you how pleased I am with the machine.

The main reason for buying it was that Agrimec are local and give a very good backup service in both spare parts and repair and maintenance when required. This is vitally important to me.

Things I particularly like about the machine are:

Easy maintenance with things like filters being easily accessible
Very good distribution of air flow with deflectors directing the spray to the target. This gives flexibility of spraying in less than ideal conditions and gets spray to the tops of the trees.
It also copes very well with mixing powders.

Overall with the cost of the chemical being applied it needs to be done as accurately and safely as possible and the Hardi does this for me.

Perfect Mowers and Flails
Mike and James Skittery, Cider Apple Growers Little Marcle, Near Ledbury

Perfect Series DR Mower

Perfect Series DR Mower

We have had a Perfect DR 440 mower for some years now and find it an extremely flexible machine for our orchard mowing.

The main benefits are the hydraulically folding wings that extend to 4.4 metres and retract to 2.92 metres. This enables us to use it in both cider apples grown at 18’ row widths and desert apples grown on narrower rows. The full width allows us to mow the cider apples with one pass between the herbicide strips and this saves an enormous amount of time and labour.

With the wings operated by the tractor hydraulic spool valves we can go from field to field with just the flick of the spool valve into transport position and back again to work position in no time at all.

Agrimec prepare new machines for us prior to delivery with the fitting of grease lines, roller scraper bar and rubber curtains for stopping grass from entering the body of the machine, all for easy maintenance.
We find Agrimec have a good knowledge of the machine and stock all spare parts we require and give a good maintenance and repair service if we need them.

Florida Sprayers
Martin Powell-Tuck, Hop and Cider Apple Grower – Ashperton, Near Ledbury.

Florida Sprayer

Florida Sprayer

I have had seven Florida sprayers over the years since 1997 and found them to be very reliable and efficient both on pesticide and fungicide application.

I run two of them at any one time to cover my spray programmes and both are used in hops and apples achieving good results in both crops.

I find Agrimec has both the spare parts backup and provides a good repair service if required.