Fruit Grading

Agrimec understands the fruit growing industry better than most. It is important to provide machinery capable of all aspects of fruit production, from harvesting through to selection of the best quality produce for market. Our number one choice for fruit grading machinery is from the Perfect range. We can supply machinery for the grading of many different fruits extending from apples and cherries to mangos and even paprika! ‘Perfect’ cup type sorting machines are known for their extreme fruit friendly handling. In the design of these specialty sorting and grading machines ‘Perfect’ paid special attention to most friendly product handling. Fruit friendly handling of both small and larger fruits is created by using minimum and well thought out transfers and the use of a standard time adjuster between the singulator brushes and the cups .


For apple grading the MGS250 mechanical cup sorting machine is recommended. This sorts a variety of fruits, as well as apples and pears. Because of its simple construction and reliability the ‘Perfect’ mechanical sorting and grading machines MGS are, a popular starting point for growers of fruits and vegetables worldwide.

CGM 5-4

For the grading of cherries and plums the CGM machine is the ideal choice. These simple, reliable sorting and grading machines for cherries and plums are supplied under the name CGM 5-4. These operate with five angled shafts offering four different diameter sorting . The standard configuration includes a preset range of diameters. Extra sets of “spectacles” can be provided for other sorting ranges i.e. to adjust the sorting to different market requirements.

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