Rotaclamp Fittings

Rotaclamp fittings comprise of a steel loop body with a malleable cast seating locator that locks between the two tubes by means of a jacking bolt. The tubes are clamped at 90 degree’s to each other in a crossover configuration. Suitable for heavy duty applications where the locking bolt digs into the tube when tightened to provide a secure fixing resistant to rotational force.

Range to suit BS1387 Nominal Bore Tubes

TypeNominal BoreO/D Size (mm)
RC661” x 1”33.7 x 33.7
RC761¼” x 1”42.4 x 33.7
RC771¼” x 1¼”42.4 x 42.4
RC871½” x 1¼”48.3 x 42.4
RC881½” x 1½”48.3 x 48.3

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