TC45 Swivel Crossover Clamp

Rotates through 360o

Comprises of two half fittings bolted together. This allows the tubes to fully rotate to achieve any angle.

By using a central nylock nut the tension between the two halves can be adjusted to allow swivelling or tightened to give a fixed angle. Ideal for cross bracing.

  • High quality malleable castings – Hot spun galvanised finish
  • High grade ‘U’ bolts and nuts – Zinc plated, Dacromet or galvanised finishes
FittingERWNominal BoreO/D Size (mm)
TC45-66STC45E-3232S1 x 133.7 x 33.7
TC45-76S1¼ x 142.4 x 33.7
TC45-77STC45E-4545S1¼ x 1¼42.4 x 42.4
TC45-86STC45E-5135S1½ x 148.3 x 33.7
TC45E-5132S51 x 32
TC45-87STC45E-5145S1½ x 1¼48.3 x 42.4
TC45-88STC45E-5151S1½ x 1½48.3 x 48.3
TC45-96S2 x 160.3 x 33.7
TC45-97STC45E-6045S2 x 1¼60.3 x 42.4
TC45-98STC45E-6051S2 x 1½60.3 x 48.3
TC45-99STC45E-6060S2 x 260.3 x 60.3

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