Catalogue and Pricelist

For full details on our range of products please download our latest catalogue. Our retail pricelist is also available.

We regret that we have to further increase our prices with effect from 19th July 2021. We have had large increases from some of our suppliers due to changes in government subsidies and others due to freight costs and steel costs. Where possible we have absorbed some of the costs, as we appreciate price rises are leading to further inflation of prices along the chain.

We also have refreshed our website, with a view to making it easier to use and more upto date.

Tubeclip Catalogue Download Tubeclip Catalogue
Tubeclip Pricelist Download Tubeclip Pricelist
Tubeclip Price Increase July 2021 Tubeclip Price Increase July 2021
Tubeclip Pricelist July 2021 Download Tubeclip Pricelist from July 19th 2021