South Staffs Farms Ltd. trading as Agrimec purchased the assets of Tubeclip Limited on 31st October 2014. Agrimec have continued the business from their Ledbury premises since then.  Please feel free to contact Carol or Guy on 01531 636511 with any queries you may have.

Tubeclip was established in Reading for more than 20 years as a family owned company providing customers with a “one stop shop” for purchasing tubular clamps, fittings and accessories. The market for these products has traditionally been a fragmented one, with individual companies usually offering only one particular standard range. Tubeclip over the years expanded and developed the manufacture of its own branded products, such as RotaclampsEuroclipsTube Joynts, U Bolts Crossovers (formerly known as ‘Demat’ clips) and Tube-Lok fully cast allen key A Series fittings. In addition the company also acts as a supplier for other specialised manufacturers in order to provide a fully integrated service.

Throughout this website and in our catalogue you will see examples where the same configuration can be achieved using different products from the various ranges. Be selective and save money, why use an expensive fully cast key clamp fitting for rugged constructional use when a split steel Euroclamp can do the same or an even better job. The overall savings can be very significant when multiplied by the number of fittings or clamps involved in just one project.

Should you not find what you are looking for on our website and would like us to quote please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone: 01531 636511,
fax: 01531 630044 or email:

If you are a regular buyer of any of these types of products, purchase in bulk or would like to be a distributor we can offer you special in-house account trade terms tailored to suit. Our friendly staff are here to help, and if possible advise, where we can. It is the objective of the company to provide a comprehensive product range at competitive prices whilst not compromising on either quality or service.