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  • Hardi Boss 1/1

    The HARDI BOSS trailer sprayer is designed for high capacity spraying with a compact tractor. The low linkage and the PTO driven pump can be quick connected to the tractor. The wide low pressure tyres ensure no damage to the turf and allow the machine to be pulled over the greens as well as being an ideal fairway sprayer.

  • Hardi Boss Demounted 1/1

    The HARDI BOSS demount sprayers fit most utility vehicles. From Cushman to Jacobsen and Huxtruk to TORO Workman the range is complete.

  • Hardi Jazz 1/1

    Hardi Jazz – A light-weight, easy to mount sprayer especially designed for compact tractors.

  • Hardi Manx 1/1

    Hardi Manx – High capacity sprayer MANX is a high capacity, robust sprayer for larger areas.

  • Hardi TR-2, Hardi KS and Hardi PU 1/1

    Hardi TR – TR sprayers are especially designed for use where tractors are not available or inconvenient to use.