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  • Apple-Cleaner

    SFM Apple Cleaner

    The Apple Cleaner incorporates a method of removing twigs, leaves and other debris as well as the facility to wash the apples after harvesting in muddy conditions. It has been designed specifically with the demands of modern cider apple growers in mind.

  • SFM Blackcurrent Pruner

    SFM Blackcurrant Pruner

    SFM Technology offers a range of three blackcurrant pruning machines, each specifically designed to provide optimum performance when carrying out shaping, base pruning or centre pruning.

  • front-paddles

    SFM Front Paddles

    The Front Paddles are used to windrow fallen fruit whilst providing a clear path for the harvesting.

  • Tree-Shaker

    SFM Mechanical Tree Shaker

    SFM’s Hydraulic Tree Shaker is a one-person operated machine which is mounted on the tractor’s 3-point linkage with the hydraulic drive taken from the power take-off shaft.

  • SFM-Micro-Sabre

    SFM Micro Sabre

    SFM Micro Sabre – A one-person operated machine designed to suit the needs of smaller narrow orchards.

  • Mini-Sabre-Mk-II

    SFM Mini Sabre Mk II

    SFM Mini Sabre Mk II – A one-person operated machine designed to suit the needs of the modern sized bush orchard

  • SFM-Sabre-II

    SFM Sabre Mk II

    SFM Sabre Mk II – A one-person operated machine capable of harvesting in excess of 100 tonnes per day.


  • Blackcurrant harvester

    SFM Samson Blackcurrant Harvester

    Designed to harvest both large and small bushes efficiently the Samson Blackcurrant Harvester is fundamentally different from other blackcurrant harvesters.

  • SFM Blackcurrent Sprayer

    SFM Samson Blackcurrant Sprayer

    In an environment where greater emphasis is placed on reducing capital tied up in equipment and making the correct machinery investments choice, the SFM Samson Blackcurrant Sprayer ensures just that.

  • SFM-Sprite

    SFM Sprite

    SFM Sprite – an all-in-one, compact apple harvester built around a small tractor making it an ideal one person operated machine.

  • Super-Scamp

    SFM Super Scamp

    SFM Super Scamp – one of a range of harvesting machines designed to meet the harvesting requirements of small scale growers up to those of the largest commercial orchards.


  • Tree-Blower

    SFM Tree Blower

    SFM’s Blower is designed specifically for blowing the apples from under the trees ready for windrowing and harvesting.